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Free Professional Tax Help for Families!

Get ahead with a cash-back refund worth up to $6,500!

It’s your money. You earned it. The Earned Income Tax Credit Helps you get it back. Whether you need to catch up on bills, pay down debt or buy something for your children, the EITC puts money back in your pocket—up to $6,500.

Don’t pay to file your taxes if you don’t have to—if you made $56,000 or less last year, you qualify for free, trustworthy tax help from an IRS-certified preparer.

Estimate your refund at GetMyRefundCO.org and find a free tax site near you.

If you prefer to file on your own, have access to a computer and make less than $66,000 a year, visit MyFreeTaxes.com to file online for free.

A Cash-Back Tax Credit That Works for You

For more than 30 years, The Piton Foundation has conducted the Tax Credits for Working Families Public Information Campaign, now known as Get Ahead Colorado, to help increase the number of eligible families receiving the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), the Child Tax Credit and other valuable credits that help families make ends meet. Tax credits, especially the EITC, are proven to be to an effective tool to help you and your family increase your financial security.