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Routine Care Is Essential — Now More than Ever!

COVID-19 has changed many things. But one thing has stayed the same—children still need their check-ups.

Jefferson County families have been doing their part by staying home as much as possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Getting well-child care is not only safe but essential to your child’s health.

It’s more important than ever to receive routine immunizations and track children’s development. Health care providers have rapidly adapted to provide appropriate precautions to keep their patients safe. Below are answers to some commonly asked questions about routine care.

Why Are Well-Child Visits Essential?

  • Track growth and development including milestones, learning and social behavior
  • Schedule vaccinations to help prevent future outbreaks
  • Discuss any concerns about your child’s health with a pediatrician

How Should I Prepare for the Visit?

  • Contact your child’s healthcare provider to see what steps their office is taking to keep you safe.
  • When you make an appointment, ask whether face coverings will be provided for you and your child, or if you need to bring your own. Children 2 and younger should not wear a face covering. Masks are required in Colorado and in Jefferson County for those 11 and over in public spaces.
  • If possible, let one parent or caregiver take your child to the visit, leaving additional family at home.

How Can I Keep My Family Safe at the Appointment?

While at your visit, continue to follow public health guidance:

  • Stay 6 feet away from others
  • Wear a face covering
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before and after your visit

What are options for children at risk?
Contact your provider to discuss telecommunication options or sites specifically designated for well children.

Have Questions? Contact Your Provider!
Your healthcare provider can advise the safest way to take care of your child’s medical needs and determine whether a telemedicine chat, a phone call or an in-person visit is best. If your provider is not currently seeing children for well-visits, ask about alternative plans to get your child an appointment.

Additional Resources:
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