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Support & Connection for Parents During COVID-19

One of the biggest challenges parents are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic is the feeling of isolation and disconnection from the supports that we usually rely on, such as friends, neighbors, and the communities that help us take great care of our kids.

We’ve highlighted a few resources below that you can explore to find support, get answers to your questions, and connect with other parents.

Circle of Parents – Online Groups for Parents!
The Colorado chapter of Circle of Parents, supported by Illuminate Colorado, is currently hosting two weekly online groups for parents across the state via Zoom. Join other parents and caregivers all around Colorado online to share support, tips and advice or just talk. Vent, cry, and laugh, and joke, and find out how other parents are navigating this new world.
When: Every Tuesday at 10:00am and Thursday at 3:00pm
How: Click here to log on via Zoom (Phone: +1 346-248-7799; Access code: 926 760 054#)
Visit Circle of Parents for more information. 

Adelante ~ Daily Online Group for the Spanish-speaking
The Adelante Jeffco network is hosting daily online groups for Spanish-speaking parents, providers, and community members to connect and share information, support, and resources. Click here for more information, including how to join. 

Virtual Jeffco Mama Village Group for Caregivers of Infants!

Weekly zoom drop-in group for moms and caregivers in the postpartum period to connect with other moms, learn skills to manage the unique challenges of parenting an infant, and get support! All moms and caregivers of babies age 0-2 years welcome. Thursdays at 10:00am. Click here for more information, including how to join.

Online Support for Postpartum Parents

Postpartum Support International (PSI) has an array of resources for parents of new babies, including an online support group for new parents experiencing depressed or anxious feelings in the challenging postpartum period. Register with PSI to gain free access to online support groups as well as other specialized resources, such as those focused on parents with a baby who was in the NICU. Learn more here!

MOPS Groups Online

MOPS (“Mothers of Preschoolers”) is a global organization creating local spaces for all kinds of moms to come together and support one another. MOPS groups are membership-based and currently happening online! Click here to find out more.

Shiloh House Family Support Line: 303-695-7996

Call the Shiloh House Family Support Line to get answers to any questions you may have about parenting, programs, resources, anything—If they can’t answer it, they will connect you to someone who can! Phones answered daily during business hours. Calls that come in after hours will be returned the next day. English and Spanish.