Weekly UPK Updates

Universal Preschool: Weekly Updates for Providers & Partners

January 19, 2023

Faith-Based Providers: Please confirm your UPK participation and note that families can not be denied enrollment on the basis of their religious beliefs.

Tuition Credit Clarification: CDEC wants to highlight to all providers that as part of UPK Colorado a provider may not charge families above the tuition credit for UPK hours.

Confirm UPK Seats & Schedule by Feb. 10: Providers must confirm and finalize the number of seats offered for UPK as well as the specific schedule breakdown (part, half, full time) by February 10.

Editing Family Applications: CDEC is working with BridgeCare (technology vendor) to allow families to reopen their applications/edit. Once this is done, families will be able to edit directly as needed. We will share more details when available. We recommend all families finalize their applications by February 14.

How the Matching Process Works


Family Applications Submitted: Family applications submitted before February 14 at midnight will be included in the first match batch (applications will be matched to their preferred provider based on the available seats).

Providers Review Matches: Between February 15-March 16 providers will have an opportunity to review and confirm their matches. Exceptions and more details will be shared by CDEC soon.

Families Notified of Match: Families will be notified of their match and asked to accept or decline the match.

Once Families Accept a Match: When families accept they are referred to the matched provider to complete enrollment.

If Families Decline a Match: If families decline, their application will re-run immediately based on remaining choices.

UPK Help Desk

The Universal Preschool Help Desk support is provided by vendor, Istonish.

Help Desk support is available by phone 303-866-5223 or email: cdec_upkcolorado@state.co.us, 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. (MST).

  • Help providers with login issues
  • Answer common program questions for families
  • Help families with login and document upload issues