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The Jeffco Family Navigator is your friendly connection to parenting support and community resources. 

Do you need help with…

  • Enrolling your child in preschool or kindergarten? 
  • Managing your child’s behavior? 
  • Finding health care or mental health care? 
  • Finding food banks, rent or utility assistance, clothing or diapers? 

The Jeffco Family Navigator can connect you with the answers!

We all need support from the community to raise our kids!

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In-home or virtual parenting support (also called home visiting) is a service that provides one-on-one, compassionate, and nonjudgemental parenting support in your home, in the community, or online. 

Jeffco has different parenting support programs that help families of all kinds support their child’s early development. 

Some of these programs help parents prepare their children for school, others are focused on children with developmental delays or supporting people who are pregnant for the first time. 

Home visiting is completely voluntary.

Jefferson County is a great place to raise a family!

One reason why is the many free and confidential programs in our community to support families. Check out the list of home visiting programs in our community.

Care Navigation – Colorado Community Health Alliance

Early Childhood Family Services – Jefferson Center

Early Intervention – Developmental Disabilities Resource Center

HCP for Children & Youth with Special Healthcare Needs – Jeffco Public Health

Healthy Start at Home – Jeffco Public Health

Jeffco HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters) – Jeffco Schools

Lakewood Early Head Start – City of Lakewood

Nurse-Family Partnership – Jeffco Public Health

Parents as Teachers – Mountain Resource Center

Parents as Teachers – Shiloh House

Recovery Nurse Advocate Program – Exempla Lutheran Medical Center

SafeCare – Family Tree

Not sure where to start?

Contact the Jeffco Family Navigator! 


A home visitor is a trained professional who offers parenting support and works with you in your home, in the community or online.

All home visitors are highly trained in topics including maternal-child health, child development, parent-child relationships, and much more. Each parent support program has requirements for training and education, and home visitors all receive direct and careful supervision.

Above all, the parent support professionals who visit your home are committed to building a trusting relationship with you and your family. 

Home visits take place on a regular schedule — in your home, in the community or online — at a time that is convenient for you and your family.

As you get to know each other, your home visitor can recommend local services and provide resources to meet each family’s individual needs. 

Each visit is a little different depending on the family. But during each visit, the home visitor will answer questions, talk through any challenges you may have, and provide helpful materials, community resources, and ideas for activities you can do with your children.  

What families say…

“When we first met, I wasn’t sure how this program could help us. Now, I couldn’t imagine navigating the system without someone to help make the connections with services easier.”

– Jeffco parent / HCP program participant