Support Children’s Learning

The experiences that children have in the early years, and what they learn from birth through 8 years old, lay the foundation for their lifelong success.

Early childhood is the most sensitive period for brain development in our lives.

That’s why the experiences that babies and young children have in the first years – good or bad – can impact them for a lifetime.


Learn About Child Development at Every Age

0-4 Months

4-8 Months

9-18 Months

19-36 Months

3-5 Years

6-8 Years

All aspects of a child’s development – physical, speech and language, cognitive, and social-emotional – are connected. When a child’s development is on track in each of these areas, a strong foundation is created that supports health and well-being for life.

No matter what role we have in children’s lives – whether as parents, educators, professionals, or family members, friends and neighbors – we all play an important part in their development.